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the attorney

nicholas m. wooldridge, esq.

Mr. Wooldridge is Co-Founder of LV Focus Groups. A Nevada native, Mr. Wooldridge obtained his law degree at the University of Nevada- Las Vegas Law School, after first earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish from the University of Nevada Reno.


Since becoming licensed in 2004, Mr. Wooldridge has represented some of the world’s most notorious people, including international cybercrime defendants and defendants connected with the Boston Marathon bombing. Having such high-stakes cases, Mr. Wooldridge makes it his mission to practice at a high level and offers trial focus group services to attorneys looking to do the same.

the data guy

adam plumer

Mr. Plumer is Co-Founder of LV Focus Groups. Born in Santa Monica, and raised in Las Vegas, Mr. Plumer utilizes trial focus group research to provide clients with actionable data and feedback on juror opinions and sentiment. 


Mr. Plumer is responsible for developing and successfully implementing LV Focus Groups’ proprietary application process and Ideological Bias and Experience Bias scores. These scores enable LV Focus Groups to tailor each trial focus group to clients’ specific needs and requirements. Furthermore, Mr. Plumer believes implementing such scores creates the magic behind LV Focus Groups’ ability to provide such accurate, real-world results. 


trial focus group consultants

daniel ambrose, esq.

Daniel Ambrose started out in Detroit, Michigan as a criminal defense lawyer. Dan has attended programs such as the National Criminal Defense College, Western Trial Advocacy Institute and Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyer’s College, tried over 150 jury trials, and has studied trial advocacy for 20 years. Dan is known for his exceptional skills advocating for his clients.


Through 20 years of practice, he has found a unique method to help trial lawyers efficiently master their skills. THE METHOD, was developed by meeting weekly with five trial lawyers over an eighteen month period. They presented, video recorded, and discussed their strengths and weaknesses. Dan currently lives in Los Angeles, California and now focuses on civil trial work, consulting, trial coaching and teaching.

alexandria plumer, phd

Dr. Plumer holds a PhD in Biostatistics. Dr. Plumer's unique background enables her to develop and apply statistical methods and machine learning to a wide range of juror data and analysis and provide invaluable interpretations of juror opinions and sentiment.

the story.

uder-promise, over-deliver, and outperform - that's our mission.

In April 2015, Mr. Wooldridge decided to leave Bukh and Associates in NYC and form his own practice in Las Vegas. Following the launch of Wooldridge Law, Mr. Wooldridge and Mr. Plumer joined forces and have grown Wooldridge Law into one of the most successful criminal defense practices in the country. Receiving the Law Firm 500 Award numerous years, Wooldridge Law is the top-performing criminal defense firm in Nevada through revenue and clients. 


Since its inception, Mr. Wooldridge and Mr. Plumer have wanted to provide clients exceptional service and unmatched representation. Mr. Wooldridge began using focus groups on his clients’ cases to meet this goal, which is unusual and mostly unheard of in the criminal defense community. After several successful case outcomes, Mr. Wooldridge and Mr. Plumer decided it was time to put their respective knowledge and experience to good use and provide trial focus groups to the legal community. Thus, LV Focus Groups was born.


As with every endeavor executed by Mr. Wooldridge and Mr. Plumer, their goal is the same – under-promise, over-deliver, and outperform. Mr. Wooldridge and Mr. Plumer will do everything within their power to ensure LV Focus Groups provides its clients with the highest quality data and results, virtually impossible to find elsewhere.

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