3 types of trial focus groups

from small focus groups to elaborate mock trials - we've got you covered.

Adversarial Focus Group

mock trials

Our Adversarial Focus Groups include complete Mock Trials that can last up to several days or weeks. This is the most comprehensive focus group we offer and contains full VIP service.

great data. fantastic results.

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Quality focus group participants lay the foundation for quality focus group results. We have amassed an extensively diverse group of participants with a vast range of biographical, ideological, and personal backgrounds and opinions.

Our participants undergo a rigorous application and screening process that includes over 70 personal, background, demographic, ideological, and experience-related questions. Each participant's answers are assigned two proprietary scores - Ideological Bias and Experience Bias.

The Ideological and Experience Bias scores are used by us to choose the perfect participants for your trial focus group and provide you with genuinely actionable results. Furthermore, using our proprietary scores, we can skew the results of a group in one direction or another based on your group's specific requirements and goals.


You may have figured this out, but if you're still wondering, we are data junkies. Throughout every phase of a trial focus group, we are continuously collecting vital data.


From participant facial expressions and body language to individual opinions and jury deliberations, we constantly collect, analyze, and chart data. We use this data to determine each juror's sentiment and create a roadmap of changes based on the information presented.


Using the data collected throughout each phase of a trial focus group, we can provide actionable insights to identify case strengths and problematic areas. This enables us to help you come up with a recipe for success.

Our clients receive thorough reports and actionable analytics that allow them to take immediate actions in their cases. With our help, our clients can identify the strengths and vulnerabilities of their cases.

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